What is a Donk?

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A donk is a car that has been customized with larger then the normal size rims, and low profile tires. Low profile tires are tires that have a low sidewall on the tires and are used with larger rims. It is a representation of the owners’ personality.

In southern California, these types of cars are seen everywhere. They are “pimped” out cars. There are car shows that these types of cars are taken to so that people can look at them and take pictures. It’s a contest to see who has the best tricked out car at the show.

These types of cars cost thousands to upgrade from a normal car to a donk. The cars that are older, such as a Chevy Impala is one of the types of cars that people who choose to upgrade the car to a donk choose. Many car enthusiasts prefer these older cars to the newer models of cars. They also typically pay a lot of insurance to cover the cars in case they are in an accident and there is damage done.

A definite draw back to the low profile tires is that they get bad mileage. They have to be replaced a lot more often the regular tires have to be. A tire blow out can damage those very expensive rims that cost thousands to put on the car. For the most part these cars are not for practical usage. They are more for show pieces rather then driving in freeway traffic at rush hour and possibly getting into an accident.