Weddings Shooting With Donks

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Have you ever seen a beautiful bride posing with donks? Probably not. You can search all you want on the Internet and you will not find such an uncommon photo shooting. This is why you should be the one that takes the lead and comes up with something new. For your wedding, you should use new and unique ideas. Most of the brides have pictures in the nature -- in parks, on beaches or in beautiful gardens. Their photos are really lovely, but unfortunately they do not come up with something new and exciting, fun and adventurous. This is why, you and your husband to be should think about a photo shoot with a donk. You can choose a beautiful car, like the one pictured. Dressed as a bride, all in white, you will look wonderful near to a funky red donk. You can try lots of poses and you can even drive the car. It is not very hard to find a donk, as many people are passionate about such cars. You will surely find someone in the area who could rent it to you for a couple of hours.

Of course, you should discuss the idea with your fiancée and with the photographer. With your partner it should not be very difficult, as it is a known fact that guys love cars and he will be probably very excited about your idea. The photographer should also know about your plans, because he will surely develop them and he will also need all kind of accessories for the wedding pictures. You also need to think about the background of the photos.

You cannot have a shooting with you dressed as a bride in front of a garage. It will be great if you could find a field full of poppies and if you could also have a red bouquet and red shoes. Or you could go with the car in a field of sunflowers and take a very colorful set of pictures. Your photographer may also come up with a lot of wonderful ideas, you simply need to pay attention to him and to discuss with him. If your future husband and your photographer consider that your idea with the donks is good, you should start looking for such a car and think of the details later, when you will have it.