My Engagement Pictures

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When it comes about cars, my husband is mesmerized. He loves old cars, especially donks. He has a passion for them, this is why, even when we were thinking of our engagement pictures, more than a year ago, he came with the idea of a photo shooting with vintage cars. I actually liked the idea immediately and our photographer said he never did such an engagement photo session and he was ready to do it. He was actually very excited to photograph old cars, as he never seen such cars from close and did not have any idea on what to expect. He had a great surprise when he saw the cars, I could see it on his face. I think he was expecting something more boring, but he was amazed when he saw the cars. There were two cars, because we talked and we agreed on a donk and on a more classical one. And through the friends of my husband, also passionates of cars we found to rent one gorgeous red donk and one vintage black car.

I would offer more details, about the brands and the years in which the cars were produced, but I am not such a fan and I actually have no idea. All that I wanted to have in my engagement pictures were two vintage cars and I had them. We drove the cars to an abandoned road in the periphery of our town, near a lovely natural place and we stood there for about 5 hours to make the most beautiful pictures. Our photographer was very excited to see two of the most gorgeous cars ever at his disposal and he made a lot of pictures.

We were very happy to see he is inspired by the cars and we used them both. In some pictures both cars appear and in others just one of them. We also took some photos without the cars, simply in the nature. The guy that helped us with the engagement photo shooting was very talented and we love our pictures. He was super happy to see the old cars and I was really excited because we did not had two donks or two classic cars, but one of each. We had a great photo session and now we have a great album with the amazing pictures we took to celebrate our engagement.