Looking for customized donks?

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Finding customized donks in America is not as hard as many people may think especially as the facts remain that any vehicle with oversized wheels and rims could be classed as a donk. Like many of the fashionable vehicles before the donks when it comes to customized cars there are many things that you can do to a car or vehicle such as stretch out the car like a limo or cut it down and lower the roof. All of these alterations have been coming and going for many years. The donks have been around for some time now in America especially in the Las Angeles area where customized cars is really a statement about your personality.

General many vehicles are used as customized expressions and the Chevy Impala is on the top of the list for donks. This shows a small boost in sales of older Chevy vehicle which are then taken to the body shop and get a lot of money spent on them. Donks, low riders, monster trucks and all the other fun stuff known as the big boys toys can be used for fun as a weekend entertainment or for the more serious of donk lovers you can take your car wherever you go and show everybody what sense of fashion you have and how good it feels to drive around in something different to the norm.