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Many people love cars. There is a cult status for many types of car and people love the freedom that comes with driving and the sense of accomplishment that can be found when you’ve successfully managed to turn a wreck into something that is workable. The iconic image of the American car is one that is found in many music videos and seen on many streets; the car style known as the Donk car. These cars are typically American in that they are big; much wider and longer than the European or eastern variety. These cars are similar to the sort that you see in the 1950s films, yet have developed to the stage where they are much better in almost every aspect.

The Donk cars are very often improved to the state where they would rival any racing vehicle. The suspension is firmed up and the brakes often go neglected as the main aim is speed and acceleration. New engines are fitted and sometimes even Nitrous Oxide to add a bit of extra power where needed. It is also common for a hydraulic system to be fitted so that the cars can bounce around when showing off to friends. You can often find that these cars have been improved in the interior as well, with velvet and other patterned designs adorning all the doors and the floors. The main aim is to impress upon the observer the idea of wealth and of power; after all, that is why you buy all the expensive cars in the first place!