Donks Are Impressive Cars

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Donks or hi-risers are a type of highly customised automobile, typically an inexpensive American-build sedan modified by significantly increasing the ground clearance, and adding large diameter wheels with low profile tires. Donks have emerged from the music genre of southern hip hop. The trend has spread across the United States. Vehicles customised in donks style are distinguished by their oversized wheels, ranging from 22 to 30 inches or even more in diameter, as well as fancy custom paint-jobs and very expensive audio equipment.

Donks are amazing cars and will catch your attention immediately. If you choose to pimp your car and turn into a donks, then you will surely be the talk of the town, especially if you have a strong personality. More often than not, the suspension of the wheels are also replaced, so that the rear of the car can sit lightly higher than the front. Because donks have big wheels and high suspensions, they are also known as hi-risers, or sky-scrapers.

Some of the most popular vehicles that are usually modified as donks, are the Chevrolet, namely the Impala and Caprice. Although donks look great and are unique vehicles, there are some technical challenges when it comes to pimping the ride. Raising a vehicle off the ground by a higher degree raises the centre of the total mass of the car, to a point where rolling the vehicle becomes a distinct possibility. Once the tires and the suspensions are changed, the mechanic must also change the breaks as well. In cases when the driver turns the donks too fast, the weight of the vehicle may shift to extremes. This may cause losing the control of the vehicle, resulting in great damage. Donks are very fashionable in the Untied States, especially among men. You will not see women driving big donks. Donks are very spectacular and impressive cars that everyone loves. Nowadays, not only small cars are pimped, but also pick up trucks are turned into fashionable donks.