Donks Are An Inspiration For The Fashion Industry

Filed under: Donks - 16 Jan 2012  | Spread the word !

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Donks are really great cars and apparently, not only cars lovers appreciate them. In the last year, in the fashion industry, the vintage inspiration grabbed a top spot and the trend is on the rise. That is why now, donks are very cool even for fashionistas. Even if most of them do not know that the only original donks are Chevy Impala and Chevy Caprice produced between 1971 and 1976, girls love their pictures on clothing. So, donks are really hip right now and, according to fashion designers, every person should have a piece of clothing resembling one. If one does not have the possibility of owning real donks, a t-shirt should suffice as long as it is designed in the latest trend.

Vintage cars have always been a great inspiration for fashion designers, but lately, the vintage trend is considered to be more and more fabulous. This is how donks became a huge part of designs for all kind of objects -- t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, bags and many more. Even accessories with such an inspiration are available on sale and have great success. In any mall you go, you can find donks inspired merchandise and a lot of buyers for it. Especially red vintage cars created a frenzy and shoppers fight for an item with this kind of adornment. Even expensive and fancy boutiques adopted this retro and hip fashion and new designs with donks appear every day on the shelves.

Of course, as long as buyers are interested on spending their money on this kind of vintage inspired items, fashion designers are incited to create more and more. The color of 2012, tangerine tango, was allegedly inspired from a donks photo from the late 70s. So, if shoppers are still attracted to these kind of designs, why not please them? After all, donks have always been appreciated, they are really cool and it is always great to have one. And now, as time passes by, the concept of donks is more and more loved by everyone. Any case, the reign of donks in the fashion industry is not ending soon.