Donk Remix- Nicki Minaj

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The Donk Remix- Nicki Minaj has done is an amazing twist on the original track which was great to begin with. It adds a whole new dimension to song, with the addition of certain beats and lyrical manipulation that makes it one of the best remixes of the year. You will be hard pressed to find one that compliments the original song in such a way without taking anything from it. Although most of the time the remix version of a song doesn't have the same kind of magic or spark, this artist has managed to break tradition and create a whole new song out of the original.

Anyone who is a fan of this musical artist will enjoy the Donk Remix- Nicki Minaj has come out with. She is considered to be one of the most popular up and coming rapper/singers right now and shows an immense amount of promise and talent in the musical industry. So far she has completed one collaborative album as well as numerous mix tapes. She has been signed to Young Money Entertainment and is distributed by Universal Motown. Her 2010 debut album rocked the world with a kind of new sound that has been absent from rap for years.

She is known for having musical influences that range from Natasha Bedingfield to Jada Pinkett Smith, as well as Missy Elliot. Although she is influenced by these artists, she has created a sound, look, and attitude that is all her own, proving that women can still dominate a musical industry that is run primarily by men.