Donk Cars

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Learning more about and buying donk cars is a car enthusiasts dream. Donk’s are the type of automobile that has been high customized. Usually, it is a very inexpensive American made sedan with unique modifications that increases the ground clearance. Adding even more character to the car is large diameter wheels and low profile tire. The term donk stems from the American built Chevy Impala’s symbol that resembled a donkey. This symbol was on the Chevy Impala during the years 1971 though 1976.

Donk cars rose in popularity and grew from the Dirty South subculture. The trend blazed across the United States and basically took the world by storm. A donk’s distinguishable features includes outstanding, unique custom paint jobs. Their oversize rims will usually be between 22 inches and 30 inches. And don’t forget about their expensive sound system and audio equipment. Car owners go all out and use the type of suspension modifications usually reserved for lifted pickup trucks. This ways there’s plenty of room to accommodate large rims.

The moment you look at a donk, the way the front end sits up just a tad bit higher that the rear end is quick to catch your eye. The vehicle looks as though it is swaggering. The exaggerated look is based solely on the installation of a lifted suspension and large rims. Popular models for this type of modification are full size Chevrolet’s. As stated earlier, there’s the Impala, and you can add to that the Chevelle, the Monte Carlo, and the Caprice. Nowadays, other models are being turned into Donk cars such as the Oldsmobile Cutlass, the Pontiac Bonneville, the El Camino, and the G-body Buick Regal.