Creative genius the impressive donks

Filed under: Donks - 23 Oct 2009  | Spread the word !

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Donks on the showroom floor are a very impressive object to look at however would you consider them to be practical in the sense of everyday driving? With some of the expenses that the owners go to so that their donk can look completely pimped out you would have to believe that they were not actually built to be put into such a dangerous playground in the world like American traffic. If people are not trying to steal your ride you are always under threat of having an accident and wrecking it. I suppose that is one thing that the high price of insurance cover is good for.

Donks are outrageous and look completely out of place driving done Main Street which is part of its head turning appeal. Whether you car is matt black, candy striped or chameleon colored you will always get a few people that just love to take a snap shot. This is all part of the fun of pimping your machine into a pure bred donk.