Chevy Donks

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There is the common mistake for those people new to the fashion car game that is big foot monster trucks are often mistaken for donks. Just because a car has big oversized wheels this does not mean that it is a donk however unless the donk has got big wheel then it is not truly a donk. Hi risers is the other name for the classic donk motor vehicle and the term donk came from the Chevy symbol on front of the car. Normally the hydraulic systems in the suspension makes the donks chassy rise and fall and this is a common site in America today.

Other countries have not caught onto the fashion of the donks like America has mostly because the original donks are all American Chevies. The Chevy Caprice is called a Bubble and the Chevy Impala is is one of the original donks made. Because the 1970 symbol on the Chevy looks like a donkey, the short name donk stuck with these upbeat cars. As the years go by many other vehicles are being used to create masterpiece donks such as the up-market Cadillac Deville and even the Buick Roadmaster.

Each donk is unique and many have certain nick names given to them which just adds to the magic of owning your own donk. Pick up trucks are the most modern day vehicle to turn into a unique donk which is exactly the way donks were meant to be, original and custom built, exactly to the owners specifications.