Donks for car fashion and for fun

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There are two different ways of explaining what a donk is however only one of these ways is actually an accurate description for this article while the other has no relation what so ever. The first but unrelated definition is basically a lady with a large backside which is apparently what guys like these days. However the real definition of this topic for a donk is the big 1970s American style cars that have big oversized wheels and low profile tires on them. These custom made rods are all the rage in the United States and can cost some of the owners thousands of dollars to build up and make in their own style.

Even though these cars may look great with the female donk sitting on the hood these donks look great just sitting by themselves or driving down the main street of town. The donks are designed to be a unique representation of the owners’ individuality and personal style which is why they are a custom built car. Donks are usually built so that they are as tall as the suburban all terrain vehicles that are also very popular in America.

Real donks are made from the Chevy make of vehicle such as the Chevy Impala yet there are many other makes of vehicle that have the fat wheels and high wide rims fitted to them so that they can look custom too. The donks can be fitted with suspension hydraulics so that the car can be lifted and lowered to the discretion of the owner. On the South Coasts of Florida is where the Hi rise donks are said to have taken off as a trend by car fanatics on enthusiasts. These designer vehicles are becoming very popular with the rich and famous or anybody that wants to be somebody through the impressions of their car.

Some of the higher donks have up to 36 inch rims on them which rise them up as high as a small truck. Looking down from what was once a short car is a very interesting feeling because you just don’t feel like it fits yet you don’t complain about the fabulous ride. The box donks are cars from the 1980s while the bubble donks are cars that are manufactured in the 1990s. These cars all look fantastic with some of them having spinning rims and others with gold color or the ultimate in thin low profile tires. Lovers of the donks are going all out to make their car the utmost in brilliance and design them to be a real statement to others who all turn their heads to look at them drive past.