Big Donks

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There are some pretty spectacular cars out there on roads today especially in the American states. Some of these vehicles are known as low riders, while some are known as Hi-Risers or by their other name, Donks. The original Donks where the Chevy Impala, which were fitted out with hydraulic, shocks that would lift the car off the ground and some awesome oversized wheels. Decking the vehicles out with an impressive car stereo is also something that brings the bling to the vehicles.

Watching a parade of these Donks traveling down the main streets can be very impressive. The hydraulic jack suspension is enough to lift the car right off the ground making it bounce down the road on two wheels. The oversized wheels have spinning disks on them to add to that extra flavor and the wheels do not spinning once the car stops which gives of a very interesting effect. It was a culture by the name of The Dirty South that is where the Donks grew in popularity however these days they can be found in most American states and cities.

The most popular of these Donks is still the Chevy Impala that was one of the original Donk designs. Other names for the Donks are the Bubble and the Box however the name Donk usually gets the most recognition in this style of vehicle. The more famous of the Chevy Impala are the 1971 to 1976 models, which are easier to manipulate than the late model vehicles, and are also much cheaper to build out.