A New Addiction for Car Customization

Filed under: Donks - 15 Feb 2010  | Spread the word !

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Many people all across the nation find “donks”, cars that have been cut and customized to accommodate extremely large wheels while sporting low profile tires, to be an attractive way to customize a car. These cars have tens of thousands of dollars of work put into them in order to achieve the look desired by the owner. Most of that money is generally spent on wheels, tires and a paintjob. While some owners go the extra mile and add other customizations, many people are content with just wheel and suspension modifications, at least for a while.

Like all car customization, there is a certain addiction factor that must be faced. Many people often start out at a reasonable level with the wheels and a nice paint job only to find that they aren’t completely happy with the look or even just the size of their wheels. This leads to countless thousands every year being spent on just the wheels of a car once the previous set has become boring with no other customization, unless needed to fit the larger wheels, being done.

Some of the wheels, all of which are “DUB” (meaning twenty inches or more in diameter), that are most popular are generally between twenty-two inches and thirty inches in diameter. With these sized tires and the lifting customization that must take place in order to fit them onto the car, the chance of a rollover type accident is increased exponentially. It is not advisable to use these cars for anything other than shows and/or drivers because of the extra risk of injury with cars customized in this way.