Toyota Advertising Its Camry with a Donk

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In 2012, the Toyota Camry celebrated 30 years of existence. In honor of this anniversary, Toyota created a campaign that allowed them to interact with their customers. The campaign, called The Camry Effect, had the consumers tell their story about an experience they had in a Camry, as they wanted to know the special moments and life milestones that the consumers have experienced with this car.

One of this consumers was Romeo Sandoval, who certainly drives a one-of-a-kind Toyota Camry. Pretty much everything in his purple Camry donk has been customized and the overall impression is definitely attention grabbing.

Here is what Sandoval has to say about his ’92 Camry donk: “The first time I laid eyes on it, you know, it was like, book, I just had a vision, you know? I saw potential that no one else saw”.

Considering that no one spends that much time and money on a car unless they absolutely love it, Sandoval’s explanation for the car modifications certainly resonates with is. The car may not receive endless style points, but the driver’s passion and creativity that went into modifying it are definitely to be admired.

It’s amazing what you can do with a Toyota Camry!