Shocking Donk Cars

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Donks have become quite popular in the past few years. These cars can easily impress with their unique features and the truth is that there is really no way you will not be noticed when driving such an amazing vehicle. Donks are not only considered to be stylish vehicles, but they are also believed to be really functional.

Donks are described as some of the best cars in the world.

Numerous changes have to be made to a normal vehicle in order to be transformed into a donk.

Donks are also known as hi-risers, being a type of customized automobiles with very large-diameter wheels and low-profile tires. The 1971-1976 Chevrolet Impala is considered to be the traditional donk car. Chevrolet Caprice is also a popular model for donks. These customized automobiles were given the name of donks because of the symbol of Impala, which was referred to as a donkey.

These cars have started to be used in the 1970s.

Donks are mostly popular in the United States, but people from all over the world adore them.

Usually donks have extremely big wheels and this actually makes them quite unique. Big wheels installed on these cars make them equally shocking and interesting. In this article you can also check out a picture gallery of some of the most shocking donks created until today. These vehicles are absolutely spectacular.

All donks have oversized wheels, the main feature that defines them.

These cars are extremely functional, including a wide range of amenities.

As you can see, donks are really unique and they can be customized in such a way that they can perfectly match your personality. They are specific to the American culture, but they have grown so much in popularity that nowadays donks are used all around the world.

Donks can be created from any car model.

These vehicles are extremely popular, catching the eye of all viewers.