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Donks for car fashion and for fun

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There are two different ways of explaining what a donk is however only one of these ways is actually an accurate description for this article while the other has no relation what so ever. The first but unrelated definition is basically a lady with a large backside which is apparently what guys like these days. However the real definition of this topic for a donk is the big 1970s American style cars that have big oversized wheels and low profile tires on them. These custom made rods are all the rage in the United States and can cost some of the owners thousands of dollars to build up and make in their own style.

Even though these cars may look great with the female donk sitting on the hood these donks look great just sitting by themselves or driving down the main street of town. The donks are designed to be a unique representation of the owners’ individuality and personal style which is why they are a custom built car. Donks are usually built so that they are as tall as the suburban all terrain vehicles that are also very popular in America.

Real donks are made from the Chevy make of vehicle such as the Chevy Impala yet there are many other makes of vehicle that have the fat wheels and high wide rims fitted to them so that they can look custom too. The donks can be fitted with suspension hydraulics so that the car can be lifted and lowered to the discretion of the owner. On the South Coasts of Florida is where the Hi rise donks are said to have taken off as a trend by car fanatics on enthusiasts. These designer vehicles are becoming very popular with the rich and famous or anybody that wants to be somebody through the impressions of their car.

Some of the higher donks have up to 36 inch rims on them which rise them up as high as a small truck. Looking down from what was once a short car is a very interesting feeling because you just don’t feel like it fits yet you don’t complain about the fabulous ride. The box donks are cars from the 1980s while the bubble donks are cars that are manufactured in the 1990s. These cars all look fantastic with some of them having spinning rims and others with gold color or the ultimate in thin low profile tires. Lovers of the donks are going all out to make their car the utmost in brilliance and design them to be a real statement to others who all turn their heads to look at them drive past.

Ford Mustang Donk in Action

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The Ford Mustang is the creator of the “pony car” class of American automobiles, meaning sports car-like coupes with long hoods and short rear decks. And it’s precisely the car’s live rear axle that may disturb the handling, but it is also what makes it impressive when it comes to being solid.


Pulling a burnout in a Ford Mustang won’t do a thing to the car – it won’t even feel it. However, some individuals like to test this and take it to the limit. In the video below, you can see that with your own eyes. The clip is a perfect example in this sense, showing everyone a fourth-generation Ford Mustang Convertible Donk that is being driven way past the “10mph cruising” that is usually seen for such a vehicle.

The Mustang, which rides on wheels that seem to be somewhere close to 30 inches, bakes a few donuts. It also performs rolling burnouts, making it quite a show for the eyes of donks’ fans. This is what they call a dynamic overkill!

Donk Car Show

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Donks are without a doubt impressive vehicles. And they are so popular and fascinating that numerous people drive donks nowadays. If you are willing to check out some of the most impressive donks in the world, you need to see a Donk Car Show.

Donk Car Shows are held each year, in numerous locations throughout the world. They are extremely important events for individuals who love powerful and spectacular vehicles. During such a show some of the most spectacular and impressive donks ever created are presented by their owners. Some of these individuals have actually been able to completely transform their cars in just a few months.

For instance, the donks you can see at the Donk Car Show held in 2010 are without a doubt fascinating. The event was held in June, in Charleston. You can check out some of the most spectacular vehicles presented at this show in the video below:

Now that you know how a donk car show looks like, you should find out that there are many such events held throughout the United States, but not only. These shows can be put together by people who love donks and are looking for the perfect occasion to show off their spectacular vehicles.

If you are interested in attending this type of event yourself, you should check out if there are going to be held any donk shows in the area in which you live. You should not miss such an occasion to show off your donk or simply to check out some of the most impressive vehicles in the world.

Personalizing Your Donk

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Donks are without a doubt spectacular vehicles. There is no way you will not be able to impress everyone when driving around such an amazing car. However, if you really want to make a statement with the vehicle you are driving, you should personalize it. Personalizing a donk is not hard at all. Here you will find some ideas on how to make your vehicle perfect.



If you want to stand out with the donk you are driving, the color should be great. Opt for blue, yellow, red, green, purple or pink if you want to be noticed. Colors should be powerful, but they can also be combined for greater effects. For instance, you can drive a donk on a green shade combined with orange on the top. You can check out such an example in the picture below.



Not only the color of your car is important. Its design is also crucial. You can personalize your car with images or designs from your favorite game, television show or even from your beloved comic book scenes. It should be something you really love and which perfectly shows your personality. Below you can check out some examples. These donks have Angry Birds, Super Mario or Sponge Bob designs all over.




You may personalize your donk the way you desire. This means that you can have special patters, the name of your favorite sweets, as well as the one of your favorite drink, inked on the car. Personalizing your donk with unique messages is absolutely simple, too. You only need to make up your mind on how you want the car to look like and you can talk through your ideas with a mechanic. Then, you can rest assured that driving will turn out to be an amazing experience.


All these donks are unique vehicles. Make your ride unique, as well and you will definitely be pleased!

How To Make A Donk Car

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Donks are extremely popular nowadays. They are not simply considered to be automobiles, but they are actually believed to be part of their owners lifestyle. Donks are without a doubt spectacular vehicles. They will help you show your personality in an amazing manner trough the car you are driving. Well, if a donk looks appealing to you and you would love such a vehicle, too, you should know that making your own donk is not that hard. However, there are some steps you will have to complete.

Buy an adequate vehicle

Buying a car to transform into a donk is the first step you will have to complete. Choose the vehicle wisely. You may choose a 1971-1976 Chevrolet Impala if you want to be sure that you will not make a mistake. This is the car that can be easily described as a traditional donk vehicle. Still, you should know that any full or mid-sized American car would work. So, pick any vehicle that matches your needs, as well as a your budget. Consider a Chevrolet Caprice, a Buick Regal, a Ford Crown Vic, but also a Lincoln LTD if you have no idea what to look for.


See a mechanic

There are some important changes you will have to make to the car you purchased, if you want to transform it into a donk. So, search for a good mechanic that will perform the work on your vehicle. First, ask him to raise the body of your car. There are many ways in which this can be performed, so discuss all options with the specialist. When making your choice consider economy, safety, as well as handling of the vehicle.

However, the wheels you install on your car are the ones that will transform this vehicle into a donk. Use the biggest wheels you can find and which can be adaptable for your car. You will find numerous dimensions, so choose the one that fits your preferences. Purchase a four-wheel disc brake upgrade kit, too, and have it installed. It will make your car better, while increasing its performance, too.


Do not forget to make your vehicle unique. If you opted for a donk you probably want to impress with your ride. Choose the right color, the best accessories and make sure that your vehicle will make everyone admire you. Donks can be amazing cars and you will surely enjoy a spectacular feeling while driving such a vehicle.

Toyota Advertising Its Camry with a Donk

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In 2012, the Toyota Camry celebrated 30 years of existence. In honor of this anniversary, Toyota created a campaign that allowed them to interact with their customers. The campaign, called The Camry Effect, had the consumers tell their story about an experience they had in a Camry, as they wanted to know the special moments and life milestones that the consumers have experienced with this car.

One of this consumers was Romeo Sandoval, who certainly drives a one-of-a-kind Toyota Camry. Pretty much everything in his purple Camry donk has been customized and the overall impression is definitely attention grabbing.

Here is what Sandoval has to say about his ’92 Camry donk: “The first time I laid eyes on it, you know, it was like, book, I just had a vision, you know? I saw potential that no one else saw”.

Considering that no one spends that much time and money on a car unless they absolutely love it, Sandoval’s explanation for the car modifications certainly resonates with is. The car may not receive endless style points, but the driver’s passion and creativity that went into modifying it are definitely to be admired.

It’s amazing what you can do with a Toyota Camry!

Shocking Donk Cars

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Donks have become quite popular in the past few years. These cars can easily impress with their unique features and the truth is that there is really no way you will not be noticed when driving such an amazing vehicle. Donks are not only considered to be stylish vehicles, but they are also believed to be really functional.

Donks are described as some of the best cars in the world.

Numerous changes have to be made to a normal vehicle in order to be transformed into a donk.

Donks are also known as hi-risers, being a type of customized automobiles with very large-diameter wheels and low-profile tires. The 1971-1976 Chevrolet Impala is considered to be the traditional donk car. Chevrolet Caprice is also a popular model for donks. These customized automobiles were given the name of donks because of the symbol of Impala, which was referred to as a donkey.

These cars have started to be used in the 1970s.

Donks are mostly popular in the United States, but people from all over the world adore them.

Usually donks have extremely big wheels and this actually makes them quite unique. Big wheels installed on these cars make them equally shocking and interesting. In this article you can also check out a picture gallery of some of the most shocking donks created until today. These vehicles are absolutely spectacular.

All donks have oversized wheels, the main feature that defines them.

These cars are extremely functional, including a wide range of amenities.

As you can see, donks are really unique and they can be customized in such a way that they can perfectly match your personality. They are specific to the American culture, but they have grown so much in popularity that nowadays donks are used all around the world.

Donks can be created from any car model.

These vehicles are extremely popular, catching the eye of all viewers.

Paint Your Donk By Yourself

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If you have a donk and you want to customize it, but you don’t trust anyone with your precious car, paint it yourself. The process is actually quite simple, but it will take some time and sweat, so be ready for work, because you will have a whole car to paint. The best product to use is Rust-Oleum. This is a protective paint that you can buy in the color you wish and use even at home. Thanks to this paint, used in the auto industry too, you won’t have any problems with your car and erosion will never appear on it.


In the next video you have all the instructions and also the details of the whole painting process step by step. You will learn how to mix the paint, how the apply the perfect coat and how to end this task in the best manner. This DIY project requires time and care (for example, you shouldn’t forget to cover the parts you won’t paint, as seen in the picture above). You will also invest some money to buy all you need but less that it would have cost you if a professional would have done this. 

Check the video:

In order to finish the painting job successfully, you need to follow all the steps in the video and to pay attention when applying the paint. If you do it right, in the end your donk will look fabulous and you will be proud of a job well done.

And if you are interested to buy more accessories for your precious car, you can do it online .


Main Steps For Building A Donk

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A donk is the type of car that has a raised body and bigger wheels than it is supposed to. In addition to this two main more visible features, there are a lot of other tunings that go on inside of it, whether they are of a technical and mechanical manner or they are simply added for design. If you are looking to have your very own donk, here are the main steps that you need to follow:

1. Buy an old car! Consider Chevrolet vehicles for that, especially the ones made in the 70s, as these are really great cars for donks. You can also find transformable vehicles from the 80s and 90s and from other brands as well. Some of the most used models for donks are: Chevrolet Impala, Lincoln LTD, Buick Regal, Ford Crown Vic, Chrysler New Yorker and so on.


2. Raise car body! This step is done with the help of suspensions and you may need to get professional help in order to get it done properly. However, this is the first point in which you get your car transformed, so make sure that you buy suitable systems and that you do it professionally.

3. Install large wheels! The bigger they are, the better! It is important to have huge wheels, as this is the second most important transformation to the vehicle and which adds a lot to the style and to the design of the future donk.


4. Personalize your vehicle! This is the last thing that you have to do, but it is also the most complex one. If you have seen donks before, you know that there are a lot of improvements that people love using on them and it is up to you to find the ones that you will want on your car.

As you now know the steps of creating your donk, all you have to do is to get inspired for your personalized model! Here is a video taken at a donk car show, in which you can admire these amazing vehicles and you can also find out more about what they include and how long they took to build from their owners.

Personalized Donks

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Donks are amazing vehicles and although they used to be popular in the past, they are now collection items and some of the most expensive old vehicles. The thing is that these cars are modified to that extreme that it is impossible for them not to attract everyone’s attention. That is why numerous brands have chosen to create personalized donks or to have their labels present on these cars during competitions.

Here are some of the most relevant brands and their custom donks:

  • Skittles is a brand of sweets with fruit flavors, marketed by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company.


  • McDonald’s is an international chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.


  • Kool Aid Twists are sweet drink mixes that can be found in a variety of flavors.


  • Yoo-Hoo is a popular American chocolate beverage created by Dr Pepper Snapple Group.


  • Puma is an international sports item producer, that markets anything clothes, accessories and equipment for all sports.


  • Gatorade is a drink specially created for athletes and for those with a high consumption level of energy.


Brands have used their donks in various types of occasions. Since you probably are familiar with all these names and with the products that they represent, you can imagine the fact that taking the opportunity for unique means of advertising is what restates the fact that these are top leading brands, which have gained their reputation and their massive amounts of customers and can diversify their system, even with the help of the funky donks.

Celebrities Love Donks

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It seems that today everybody loves Donks. According to Urban Dictionary donks are classic large cars fitted with 20” (or even more impressive) wheels, colored brightly and with one of a kind interiors. They’re very popular in the southern states and most of them are owned by people with a lot of money. Another thing mentioned by the same source is that donks often appear in rap videos.

If this online definition makes donks justice or not, you can decide for yourself after you will see some famous owners of these cars.

Leonard Pope



In the pictures above you can admire Leonard Pope and his donk. Pope is an American football player born in the south in 1983. He is nicknamed Champ and he also set up a foundation named CHAMP, in which the word means Creating Hope And Making Progress, to help underprivileged children of America.

Pope has a 1975 Caprice with Lamborghini doors.

Darius Miles



Darius Miles is a former professional basketball player from Illinois. He had a successful career in the NBA since 2000. A few years after he entered NBA, he also entered the movie industry, as an actor. In 2011, Miles managed to get into trouble, as he was arrested for carrying a loaded gun in an airport.

Miles’ donk is a 1975 Pontiac Bonneville.

Devin Hester



Devin Hester is a professional football player from Florida. He currently plays in the NFL as a wide receiver and return specialist, for the Chicago Bears team. He was introduced to football by his step-father as he had a depression because of the illness of his mother and death of his biological father. Hester loves his donk and uses it all the time. An interesting fact about him is that he was raised a Christian and brings a Bible with him at every game.

Lil Wayne is one of the people that might not have a donk of his own, so he is not included in the category above. Still, he surely proved he is a fan of these cars. He has a song named Donks and you can see a great video made by fans for the song with pictures of real donks.


Celebrities are not the only ones to love donks, but they are among the few people that can afford to have such cars. And maybe this is one of the reasons why donks are so attractive for regular people, they represent a symbol of wealth and power.

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